How to Start your own Coffin and Casket Business

If you require training to start a Coffin and Casket Manufacturing Business, this website contains the necessary information that you need.

Starting your own business in South Africa is easy. This country is not affected by all the red tape that is prevalent in many other countries.

The perfect business idea is usually a need in society that a specific business can fill. If it is something where some people do not want to go because of cultural issues, or the fear of death, and you enjoy working with wood and serving others, that is a bonus! Other types of businesses in which you can serve your community whilst at the same time make money, is the funeral and tombstone manufacturing industries.

You will need training in the practical and technical aspects of the manufacturing of coffins and caskets, even if you have some woodworking knowledge. You will also need the know how to market your business effectively.

Starting a business requires motivation and dedication. During a recession it helps if the business that you want to start is marketing a product that is a “must have item such as in the case of coffins and caskets.

Everyone has to eat and wash yourself and everything around you. Everyone knows that we all die, sooner or later. Looking at this statement it becomes clear that basic food, soaps and detergents and coffins, caskets and funeral services are must have items.

Not everyone has the knowledge and expertise to start a business in coffin and casket manufacturing. Even if you happen to be a carpenter, you will still need the specifications for building coffins and caskets.

There are SABS recognized sizes for each coffin and each casket. Should the product differ from the SABS standard and the product looses a bottom or the body does not fit properly, the reputation of the company that manufactured it will suffer greatly.

Coffin & Casket Training Courses in Randfontein.

Course Date: 25 - 28 May OR 8 - 11 June 2020.
Course Price: R5000.


Marketing a business is important to achieve sales and position the company in the market. Therefore, training must include in depth marketing strategies. It is important that you are provided with coffin and casket training manuals so that you have reference material that you can consult should the need arise. A list of suppliers is also important.

There is a difference between training an entrepreneur that is starting his own business and training for a profession. If you train for a profession you will need a certificate at the end of the training as your prospective employer will not employ you without it. Training or being educated require many years of study to attain the certificate.

However, anyone can start their own business without having to provide a diploma or certificate. This means that education is important, but it is not everything!

Many students will tell you that the education they received at school and in tertiary institutions does not compare with the education they gain once they start their own business.

Yes, training to run your own business is needed, but you will not necessarily need a certificate or years of training. If you are manufacturing or selling coffins or deodorant, or anything for that matter, no one is going to ask for a certificate. Throughout the world, there are many people without diplomas and certificates that have started a successful business.

Much depends on your personality, your willingness to learn, willingness to work hard, sometimes long hours, and your dedication. You have to want your own business so much that you eat, drink and sleep your business. You must smell the success to taste the success!

The second step would be to register your business with all the authorities. You will find all the information that you need for registration in the manual that we provide. It does not cost anything to register your business with the authorities.

You can trade as a sole proprietor for which there is no registration. If you want to register a CC which might be the best option, that can cost between R350 to R600. The differences between the types of business will be explained to you.

It is important to create an attractive business name for your company and make sure that it is not yet taken by any other business in your area. We can help with this at no cost.

The next 10 steps in setting up and running your own coffin and casket manufacturing business will be explained in the training manuals in easy to read, understandable English or Afrikaans, depending on what language you choose. You can also choose to become a distributor of coffins and caskets. The training mentioned above will be an excellent starting point.

If you want to be an effective distributor you will need the knowledge to be able to move large quantities at a time, thereby increasing your profits tremendously.