Coffin, Casket and Dome Casket Marketing Manual

MARKETING IS THE MOST IMPORTANT factor in running any successful business. If people do not know what you are selling, they cannot buy your product.

1. Steps to follow when starting the business.

2. Good principles to follow if you want to be successful in business.

3. Discussing the fear of failure and your business.

4. Choosing the right marketing plan to suit your style.

5. Factory versus distribution. What is best for you?

6. Legal structure of your business.

7. Day to day running of a coffin and casket manufacturing  business.

8. Job descriptions and labour law.

9. Employee Contracts.

10. Credit and how it affects your business.

11. Cash is King!

12. Researching your market.

13. What you need to know about your competition.

14. How to create your unique place in the market.

15. How to compare your price with that of your opposition.

16. How to calculate the average market price of a coffin, casket and Dome casket.

17. How to compete and be competitive.

18. How to treat your competition and your product.

19. How to provide excellent service.

20. Explanation of what happens when a loved one dies.

21. Emotion at the time of coffin or casket purchase.

22. The funeral parlor as customer.

23. The individual as customer, who is this customer.

24. How to research the private market.

25. How to make a brochure with all your products and services.

26. How to Register a death.

27. How and where to purchase a burial plot.

28. How to do costing: cost of the product, business costs, profit.

29. Example of costing a coffin.

30. How turnover affects your business and your pocket.

31. Ensuring customer loyalty, ensuring recurrent sales.

32. Marketing your products through retailers.

33. How to find retailers and train them to be effective marketers.

34. Training the retailer to sell effectively.

35. How to sidestep labour problems and empower your community.

36. Ground rules for successful marketing and selling.

37. Cost of employment to a company.

38. Taxes, UIF, salaries and other fixed costs.

39. Your showroom as an advertising medium.

40. How to do Target marketing.

41. How to control your Market.

42. Your marketing plan and the execution thereof.

43. How to do your business plan.