How to become a Coffin and Casket Manufacturer

No one likes to attend a funeral. It makes us all aware of how short life is. According to law, a body cannot be buried or cremated without a burial box, coffin or casket. Death does not make an appointment, it just happens.

When death happens, the family of the deceased goes into shock. Soon after the family realise that funeral arrangements must be made for the burial. Much depends on what type of burial will take place. Usually, but not always, the family consults with a funeral undertaker to organise the funeral.

People are usually, but not always, buried in the cemeteries which are scattered all over South Africa. Some people bury their dead on the farms, others in the rural area on the grounds that they live on. In all cases a coffin or casket is needed for the burial. If the body is to be cremated, a container, also called an Urn, is purchased in addition to the coffin or casket, to place and transport the ashes of the deceased.

For a carpenter or someone who has the skills to do woodworking, this is the ideal opportunity to start a new business in Coffin and Casket Manufacturing. As an added benefit it will now be possible to make a customized quality Coffin or Casket for any member of your family. Not everyone has the honour to do this last task for their loved one.

For others who want to venture into this type of business but do not have the skills, all is not lost. We provide full comprehensive training in manufacturing of Coffins and Caskets which is backed up by continuous support for the first year after training.

Training is provided by an experienced coffin and casket builder who gives clear instructions on how to make a whole range of coffins and caskets. This training is provided in the form of a Coffin and Casket Workshop, where you will actively participate. You will build a small coffin, casket and a jig while at the Training center.

Obviously you will also receive all the templates and a suppliers list as well as two reference manuals to help you to start this business quickly and efficiently.

Everyone receives the continuous email support for the first year.

We will even support you by putting an advertisement of your company on the internet for free for one year, as soon as your business is in operation.  

The cost?  If you attend the 4 Day Workshop the cost is R5,000.00.